Bazetunes has been able to create a platform for most of Nigerias Famous stars today, before they finally came to National Recognition through our professional Advertisment platform. Massive Online distrubution, tv & Radio Promo, artiste Managment, and More ETC.

We hold our Clients with high esteem, listen to what they want and then draft out a suitable promotional plan that will work out excellently for them without robbing the bank.

So, Why Running around looking for were to promote when releasing your next Music or Video when you can just contact Bazetunes.com.ng to save yourself so much headache, stress and also cut cost.

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Today, any Artiste who doesn’t pay close attention or give his/her music/video content massive online promotion is a loser already 😢

The impact of Online promotion in music/video distribution is unbeatable and the best so far.

Your budget for Online promotion when promoting your new music of video should be the biggest. At least, Online promo should get nothing less than 85% because Fans who listen or watch your content on other platform still rely on Online Blogs to get the content on their devices.

We understand the prices & stress in Online promo can Kill 😂 This is the reason why we are here.

Why turn into an Armed Robber or die running after Bloggers when we can help you promote your Song/Video  faster and cheaper?

Not only getting your song on bazetunes.com.ng,  There are many Killer packages we can offer and you can opt for  that will help get your content to wider reach of audiences and also increases the number of downloads on your Music or Video.

We can help you Strategies and pen down what and what packages works best . We have a better understanding of how best to promote your content and understand the packages that works best .

 At Bazetunes, We understand the Market excellently. So if your Plan is to takeover and become a Popular star in the music industry, You need to work with us today.

We’ll prepare an Outstanding Promotional plans for you and when deployed on various blogs, The Results will beat your Expectations 😎

So what are you waiting for?

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now



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