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Episode One.

Hi! I am Jeff, and a final year student of Mass communication at the university of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. I am my parent’s only rose and here to tell the story of a good boy who turned bad, then good again.

As a fresher in an institution almost new, and quite strange, to me, i was caught up – and put off – with the bustle that reigned everywhere in the school. From the classroom’s ‘busy-ness’ to the hurry-like giats of almost everyone who walked along the campus’ streets. At times i wondered if i was, in anyway, missing out on something; how could majority of everyone bustle and jostle around and i’m either sitting peacefully – or rather lazily – at some abject corner, eating popcorn or sauntering from pillar to post, void of directiö.

This is not to say that i, for one, did not bustle around too for some important reasons, but it seemed mine was on a low and others’ on a high.
Sooner than expected, everyone began to settle down a bit – especially we, the freshmen. People got to know other people, best friends found each othe – though they never met before – stupid romantic relationship began hatching, everyone met and talked with everyone at the slightest and ‘bizzarest’ opportunity. Everyone talked and were talked to. Everyone but me.

Well, i met – but didn’t get the chance to talk – with the whiteboard and our first ever lecturers. No one seemed to have noticed my loneliness and worst still, i wasn’t good at meeting people nor a good engager of conversations – i am an introvert, and a blunt one at that too.

Three weeks into my maiden semester, i hardened up with frustration and further withdrew from the crowd – since it looked like i was really imperceptible to everyone, there wasn’t a use of waiting blindly for anyone to walk up and get close.

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